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Frequently Asked Questions / Comments

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our products or services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send an email to



Do golfers really look at the advertisements on a course?

Ads can, and should be tailored based on the audience.  A catchy ad will certainly attract the attention of the golfer, increasing the retention of it.  Branding and name awareness on the course will add to your overall advertising to this key demographic.


I've done golf course advertising before and got nothing for it.

Our program is defined as an alternative outdoor media source.  As with all forms of advertising, it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness without some type of a call-to-action.  The program is not intended to take away from your other advertising, but instead integrate the golf privileges into your existing strategies - by building business-to-business relationships or provide give-aways / incentives for end consumers to visit your store.


What do they do with the scoreboard if no outings or tournaments are scheduled?

The scoreboards are strategically placed in most cases to maximize exposure.  Placing them close to the clubhouse or practice areas is an effective placement for the product.  In addition, the scoreboard can be used for posting club information too.


Its seasonal, I won't get the benefit of it.

Indiana's golf season is defined as roughly an 8-month season, equaling approximately 240 days of golf.  On the average, courses will experience somewhere between 20,000 - 35,000 rounds played.  Targeting this high-end demographic in a social setting can produce viable results over time.


What is a corporate-style golf membership?

A corporate-style membership offers daily play privileges at the club, allowing for a 4-some from each advertiser to play at the club each day.  A nominal charge is paid by each player, generally between $10-15 which includes carts.


Who can use this membership?

Usually there will be 2-4 business colleagues listed as primary users of the membership, although it can be used by other business colleagues.  In addition, golf privilege cards are given to each advertiser for presenting to clients, prospects, or other business associates - they pay the same rate you would if playing golf at the club.


Why are courses interested in this type of a membership being offered?

Golf is considered "America's favorite pastime", but it has suffered over the years due to the financial and time constraints associated with the sport.  Being a social sport, it has great opportunities afforded to the business world.  What better place for a 4-5 hour meeting than on the golf course.  This is a win-win situation for the club and each business advertiser.