Indiana Golf Advertising
                       & Marketing Services, Inc.


Why advertise with us?  Here is what some of our clients are saying:


WaterFurnace International

I have worked with Indiana Golf Advertising for the last 4 years in regards to advertising options at Brookwood Golf Club.  I found that they were very easy to work with and had many options to fit my budget.  We were able to get our company name in a very key location that gets a great deal of traffic.

This has had several benefits.  The discount cards that have come with the packages we have pruchased have been very beneficial with customers, suppliers and employees over the years.

- Carl Huber


Myers & Hayden Insurance

Part of our advertising success is our involvement with Indiana Golf Advertising and the many ways it helps promote our business through golf.  We have been involved with them for 4 years, and we have been able to not only acquire new business but also solidify our relationship with current clients.

We have seen positive feedback on everything from the tee markers at the course, to the discount golf cards we provide to our clients.  Many of our clients call us every Spring and ask if they can get more golf cards for the upcoming golf season.  This not only helps the golf course, but also promotes goodwill and referrals from our current clients.

With the help of the staff at Indiana Golf Advertising and the work they put in with the different courses promoting the advertisers, we hope to continue growing our businesses and we hope Indiana Golf Advertising is a big part of our advertising strategy.

- Don Hayden


DeKalb Health

Promoting the healthy activity of golf is, and has been a win-win as it also positively aligns with our mission to promote, preserve and restore health.  The cross promotion support with course signage provides additional branding and top-of-mind awareness opportunities.  Each year we place and distribute cards at several of our consumer touch points across the hospital.

The feedback we have received has been very positive and the utilization rate has also been very high.  We can also report many staff and patients anticipate participating each spring, and often come looking for information before the area courses are open.

- Terri Christiansen


Auburn Chiropractic Clinic

The promotional golf cards have helped grow my business and have led me to many referrals over the last two years.  My patients really enjoy the discounts they receive golfing at such a great course.

 - Dr. Tyler Chalfant


Garrett State Bank

Small and local businesses need the support from each other along with the great people of our communities.  The Garrett Country Club's leaderboard allows us to do just that.  A lot of people golf at these facilities in leagues and at many golf outings.  At the end of the outing it's nice to sit on the deck and enjoy the scores posted on the leaderboard, especially when golfers see their score is the low for the day.  We also use and give the discount cards to many of our customers to enjoy a nice game of golf at a reduced price.  What better way to say thank you.

- Carla Smith


Synergy Financial Group

Synergy Financial Group has been involved with Indiana Golf Advertising since 2008.  Being avid golfers ourselves, we understand the key demographics and importance of having our name at Cedar Creek Golf Club.  Not only is our name being seen by all golfers numerous times at the course, we take advantage of the opportunity to entertain clients and guests, as well as providing discounted golf for them to enjoy with with their family and friends.  Believe we used the term "no brainer" when we initially got involved in the sponsorship program, and we continue to be commited today.  Not only are the golf benefits significant, it really does provide a great way to network and meet new people - creating a forum to build both personal and professional relationships. 

- Alan New & Dave Knuth


Sun Park, CFP - Financial Advisor

I am a local businessman and have been advertising with Indiana Golf Advertising for seven years.  From my personal experience, it is a great way to promote my business while supporting a local golf course.  I am very satisfied with the effectiveness of advertising in terms of my name recognition and exposure to the golfers.  In addition to the marketing aspect, it is an opportunity for me to enhance my overall golfing experience by staying involved and providing a conduit to participate in the game that I passionately love.

- Sun Park